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Guatemalan La Morena Coffee Beans

Coffee from Guatemala in general has long been a favorite coffee for Derek and many others. He has specifically enjoyed this coffee and would easily suggest it if you're looking for a roaster favorite! This particular Guatemalan La Morena bean is from the Huehuetenango region and is washed process.

La Morena coffee beans have chocolate notes that make it bold yet utterly smooth and enjoyable to drink black. Along with the dark chocolate, it has notes of brown sugar, and plum. This gives it a heavy body and mild acidity. When made as a cold brew, it comes out naturally sweet. If you prefer a less sweet but equally delicious cup, you will love it made in a Chemex (Pam’s favorite method) or your preferred brewing method.

This La Morena batch of coffee highlights the work of 23 female farmers. You can even pull up a list of participating producers and farm names on Genuine Origin’s website.

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