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Ethiopian Sidamo Beans

As you may have heard before, Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee. It therefore makes complete sense to us that delicious coffee is grown in Ethiopia! We have not been disappointed with practically any coffee we have tasted from there, even long before we ever roasted beans.

These Sidamo beans are a washed process bean grown in a very fertile growing environment with an altitude, climate and rainfall conducive to coffee beans. Though this coffee is not certified as organic, many organic practices are used.

You will definitely enjoy the bright and bold flavors of this bean. We roast this bean to a medium for the most optimum flavors. First, as you open the bag, you will smell the flavor profiles of chocolate, blueberry, lavender and vanilla. We could truly smell this coffee all day! As you drink it, you start to taste the flavors. The cups of coffee will often grown more flavorful as the temperature cools down.

We typically enjoy this coffee made in a Chemex (our most used brewing method at home), but it will work well as a drip, cold brew, or whatever method you wish to use!


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