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BEG for Espresso

Our BEG is currently our only coffee blend. We typically keep our coffee offerings simple and just stick to selling one bean per bag. In this way, we love to highlight the story of that particular bean and have our customers be able to glean information about the coffee they are drinking.

However, we were also on a journey to create one blend reminiscent of traditional espresso flavors and yet also with our own spin on it. Our BEG blend is a mix of our Brazil, Ethiopian and Guatemalan beans with notes of chocolate, nuts and berries.

It was carefully tested (by my wife and I and a few taste-testers) and crafted multiple times until we were satisfied that it could make a delicious, smooth and fragrant espresso cup. Our espresso blend is a medium or medium dark roast. This should help to decrease the oil in espresso machines and also to keep it less acidic and bitter.

Many use BEG in an espresso machine and easily concoct their own do-it-yourself mocha, cappuccino, americano or other drink. It is delicious made into an espresso soda, too. But don’t limit yourself to just making it in an espresso machine! Your preferred brew method will also work. Many enjoy drinking it the way they would any other cup of coffee.

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