Kenyan Premium Coffee

Kenyan Premium fresh roasted coffee.


Bright, acidic, sweet, and tangy all rolled into one! This is probably one of the most unique coffees I have had over the years. It has a heavy body so it feels like what you would expect from a dark roast, but then has crazy bright critus notes throughout it. My wife tastes passion fruit throughout the cup. I mostly get orange with hints of guava. A friend describes it as barbeque sauce because of the sweetness from the molasses yet tang from the citrus and acid which reminded them of tomatoes. Usually acidic coffees are not my favorite but this one I have truly enjoyed. My brewing recommendation is Chemex/Pour over, Cold Brew (cuts the acidity), or drip.


*5lb bags available at discounted rate (80oz)


Region: Kiambu

Flavor: Molasses, Orange, Citrus, Chocolate

Body: Heavy

Acidity: Bright and Strong

    Roast Profile

    WARNING: All products are prepared and packaged in an environment that handles wheat, nuts, dairy, and other allergens.

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