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Kenyan Machure AA Coffee

Kenyan Machure AA Coffee

Kenyan Machure fresh roasted coffee.


Bright, citrus, sweet, and earthy chocolate...seriously can never disappoint. Usually I enjoy chocolate and sweeter coffees, while staying away from the citrus and acid (my wife enjoys the bright acidic citrus notes). Yet, I thoroughly enjoy this Kenyan coffee and am slightly addicted to its history as well. While my wife lived in Kenya, she has fond memories of sipping passion fruit juice on the beaches of Mombasa. She would love our whole family to experience the same, but for now we will settle for this coffee and her memories. My brewing recommendation is Chemex/Pour over, Cold Brew (cuts the acidity), or drip.


*5lb bags available at discounted rate (80oz)


Region: Kiambu County

Flavor: Dark Chocolate, Fig, Citrus

Body: Medium

Acidity: Bright

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