Kenyan Premium Coffee

Kenyan Premium fresh roasted coffee.


Bright, acidic, sweet, and tangy all rolled into one! This is probably one of the most unique coffees I have had over the years. It has a heavy body so it feels like what you would expect from a dark roast, but then has crazy bright critus notes throughout it. My wife tastes passion fruit throughout the cup. I mostly get orange with hints of guava. Usually acidic coffees are not my favorite but this one I have truly enjoyed. My brewing recommendation is Chemex/Pour over, Cold Brew (cuts the acidity), or drip.


*5lb bags available at discounted rate (80oz)


Region: Kiambu

Flavor: Molasses, Orange, Citrus, Chocolate

Body: Heavy

Acidity: Bright and Strong

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    WARNING: All products are prepared and packaged in an environment that handles wheat, nuts, dairy, and other allergens.

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