Ethiopian Premium Guji Coffee

Ethiopian Premium fresh roasted coffee.


The aromatics on this bean are ridiculous and complex. These are Grade 1 premium beans from the Guji region. Sere Saba Mill does natural processing of the coffee with traditional practices of the Oromo people. Unripe and overripe beans are hand selected and discarded. The coffee itself has distinct "tea" like characteristics while still maintaining the body of coffee. As the cup cools the flavors change as well making it subtle mystery what you'll taste next. My brewing recommendation is Chemex/Pour over, French Press, Cold Brew, or drip. Great story, great tradition, great cup!



*5lb bags available at discounted rate (80oz)


Region: Guji

Flavor: Raspberry, Caramel, Black Tea, Citrus

Body: Medium

Acidity: Bright

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    WARNING: All products are prepared and packaged in an environment that handles wheat, nuts, dairy, and other allergens.

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