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Ethiopian Guji Coffee

Ethiopian Guji Coffee

Ethiopian Guji fresh roasted coffee.


The birthplace of coffee and an absolutely delicious cup to enjoy with all its traditions and history. The Shakiso district of the Guji region contains ideal volcanic soil with light forest throughout providing a natural canopy. With it high elevation and temperate climate coffee cherries can develop slowly, allowing for more natural sugars in the bean.


Take your time when sipping this coffee, as the cup cools you will notice subtle changes in the tasting notes. We have never been disappointed with any beans from the Guji region, and this one stands just as strong. Our brewing recommendations are Chemex/Pour Over, Drip, Espresso, and Cold Brew.


*5lb bags available at discounted rate (80oz)


Region: Guji - Shakiso District

Flavor: Berry, Black Tea, Caramel, Citrus

Body: Light

Acidity: Bright

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