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Brazilian Coffee

Brazilian Fresh Roasted Coffee


True confession: this is one of the harder beans I have roasted, in difficulty. Because of the low altitude of the region the beans are incredibly soft (low density). This makes for lower heat and a longer roast time overall. Why does that matter? The roasting process allows for a cup which reminds me of the complexity of a deep red wine.

Personally I think it makes a phenomenal espresso that gives deep chocolate/cocoa notes mixed with undertones of fresh roasted nuts or toast. My wife enjoys cream or a little milk in her coffee (I know, she's not a purest...we're still working on it) and frankly this bean is the perfect one that can actually be enhanced by the cream without being overpowered by it. My brewing recommendation is espresso or Aeropress.


Region: Cerrado and Sul de Minas

Flavor: Cocoa, Raisin, Strawberry

Body: Medium

Acidity: Mild

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