WARNING: All products are prepared and packaged in an environment that handles wheat, nuts, dairy, and other allergens.

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Bottled Bourbon Coffee

Every year we will offer 50 Limited Edition Bottles of our Bourbon Coffee. This year we are using our Guatemalan bean with Balcones Blue Corn Bourbon. This I have hand selected and crafted. I specifically chose a quality bourbon to pair with the flavor profile of a single-origin coffee. The two make a wonderful flavor profile which pair excellently together. Consider this a dessert or special treat coffee...if you generally enjoy the rich, sweet, caramel and vanilla flavors of bourbon, you'll enjoy this special treat! Recommendation for brewing is drip, pour over, or french press.


Each bottle is filled with fresh roasted beans, then individually corked and wax sealed by hand. This makes for a great gift and is completely unique.


***Please allow a minimum of 2 days for the preparation of these beans***

  • Warning

    Fresh beans release gas so upon initial opening there could be a pop from the cork, like a champagne bottle.

Roast Profile