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B.E.G. Espresso Blend

B.E.G. Espresso Blend

Brazilian - Ethiopian - Guatemalan Fresh Roasted Coffee Blend


It took a while, but we have finally perfected our espresso blend. We wanted to ensure you taste rich and bold flavors of a traditional espresso while retaining the smoothness of our coffee. I'm always up for a hot espresso and my wife often enjoys using the espresso and making it into a cappucino. In the summertime, I enjoy making it as an iced espresso soda, espresso mixed with some soda water (sparkling soda) and some type of flavoring, such as lavender or lemon extract/syrup. Experiment on your own and see what you can create! 


We do our espresso blend differently than many. This is not a dark roast. The beans will all be medium and medium dark roast. This is in an effort to do two things:

1. Cut down the acidity and bitterness

2. Help to not clog espresso machines with extra oil.


We recommend brewing it as an espresso but it will also work for your preferred brew method!


Flavor: Chocolate, Nutty, Berry

Body: Medium

Acidity: Medium

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