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Grind Preference: Medium Coarse (double the size of table salt)

Ratio Preference: 5 tablespoons coffee (60 g) per 3 cups of hot water

  • Place filter into Chemex with 3 sided portion on the pouring spout. Wet filter with hot water.

  • Place desired amount of grounds into filter 

  • Pour hot water in a slow motion working outward in toward the center in a spiral action over all the grounds until it "blooms/blossoms". Let it settle for 30sec to 45 secs upon the bloom.

  • Once settled pour down the center of the "cone" in a slow and steady pace (can do spirals outward but not past 2 inches from the center). Take periodic breaks to let the grounds and water settle. Usually it will amount to 3-4 pours total.

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